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It feels like we’re finally starting to figure out what we want from this web thing. I know that’s fallacious for a number of reasons – the fallacies of history point out that the present always feels epiphanous with the past marked by a foolhardy primitivism; the fallacies of the future suggest that what we want today will not be what we want tomorrow, moreover what we wanted today may turn out to be nothing like what we’re getting today.

What we’re getting today though is a tagged web, a sharing web, microcosmic spheres of popularity within open environments, and lots of neat toys for us geeks. I’ve finally started using Delicious this month, and now I’ve used the Delish api to bring my bookmarks into my research blog. You can see what I’m talking about by clicking on my recent Edna Valley journal entry – on the right side of the page you have the homepages of several wineries which I’ve tagged with EdnaValley in Delicious. This openness removes my fear of having my data stuck in a proprietary system, allowing me to utilize it within my own project, meaning that I end up with a big, cohesive pyramid rather than a bunch of tiny disjointed temples. Big and cohesive are muy++ (to use my new Cpanglish linual structure, ah hell that’s another joke entirely) for the mythology of our minds.

And it looks as though Yahoo is jumping on board as well with My Web 2.0 . Jeremy
Zawodny is excited
, and with the caveat that he’s a Yahoo-er, I’m interested because he’s interested. Mostly though I’m interested because I’m allowed to be – because I can use the delish API to get at my data and will no-doubt be able to use the My Web 2.0 API to import that data, I’m not wedded to either one. And that, IMHO, is the essence of Web 2.0. (Or at least it is for the young and us geeks. What it means for the majority of the world, who are still figuring out how email works and haven’t a clue about RSS or social networking, is another subject altogether, one that I’m touching on in And On The
Sixth Day
– Nin and her troupe of Grocery Store Witches are very techno-unsavvy, but when they team up with a gaggle of geeks…)

- M. Oropeza


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