What a month. I can’t remember a more intensely packed 3 weeks than the three which just ended tonight. I believe the word is Phew, that old blow which describes the endgame satisfaction of the pugilist who’s a bit too boxed out to celebrate.

It started with an upgrade of our contact management database from old-dumb dBase to chatty SQL. The conversion alone cost me a week and a weekend planning, testing, and then performing the upgrade. Then I spent the next 4 days troubleshooting sniggly issues before making an escape last weekend to SLO. This week was similarly intense as I juggled our contracting data between the old idiot new-field-for-each-entry system and my new relational model. Finally this afternoon I was able to flip my new system to the On position and take a nice, well deserved Deep Breath.

And tonight, a little wine, a little walk around Hillcrest, maybe some comforting Itallian for dinner, maybe a movie, and then to bed for eight hours of peaceful sleep.

And tomorrow? Writing. The Artist me. Again. Finally.

- M. Oropeza


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