The most difficult thing to come to terms with…

…is that, while the universe is infinite, we are finite. To truly understand infinity is to acknowledge that a finite point within an infinite set limits to zero in significance. And thus being’s unbearable lightness. And thus the infinite market for something – anything! – which grants the illusion (I don’t intend the derogatory implications inherent in the word ‘illusion’) that our lives have transcendent meaning.

The most powerful organizations – from Apple to the Catholic Church – have gotten that way because they provide people with the sense that their lives are significant. Because, as Kundera points out, to live with the idea affixed in your mind that what you’re doing is permanent, is life affirming and extremely healthy.

Knowing what we know, while believing what we believe, wholly unconcerned with the many contradictions between the two, might be the most powerful of human facilities. If its development is even possible –

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