I am watching the Idiot Lantern. Indians and Pakistanis are yelling at each other from across the line, this white line that they’ve arbitrarily painted through a particular urban area to demark their border. It’s like a partisan soccer match in a neutral site. England v Germany in Amsterdam. Two World Wars and One World Cup. That kind of thing. It’s amazing to watch these tiny children get right into the rooting. It’s something that no American really knows, to be gonzo in love with your country. We have to do with allegiances to sports teams, colleges, high schools, reg league basketball teams.

The travel team is crossing into India from Pakistan where a man can’t drink a beer in public. I do not understand these inhumane places where imbibations are proscribed. I am a man and I expect to be able to hogswaddle myself or bathe myself in rose petals or lift weights until I drop or smoke a cigarette over a beer or have a couple puffs off of a joint if I’d like. There’s no logical reason for any drug to be illegal. It’s immoral, unmoral, submoral. For this reason, I denounce. A woman should show her face to the world and a man should be able to have a drink at the end of the most perfect pre-summer day.

- M. Oropeza


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