I attended San Diego St. and lived on campus from 1999-2001, studying Computer Science. I continued to hang out on campus occasionally, especially the library, upstairs in the literature section, which became my thinking and writing spot
Massive Attack @ OAT SDSU


March 23, 2015

San Diego! That means tank top days. Shorts and jumps in the pool and the Wine Company. That means La Jolla and Del Mar, but it also means Mira Mesa and Convoy. It means choy lai fut, my kung fu brothers and sisters, and a bowl of pho afterwards. And Shanghai City for “dumplings with […]

February 1, 2013

I enjoyed my classes at SDSU. They challenged me, and for the first time in my academic career, I rose to the challenge and nailed a few straight A semesters. But. They weren’t enough. Scratch that: The programming classes were enough quantity-wise. And some had quality. But the quality was wrong. All theory. Not practical […]