San Francisco

359. The Spot353. Cable Car
September 12, 2014

The Bay Area in the 2010s is Paris in the 1890s. Center of the universe. Where you must come to do your art, if you want to make art that informs as much as it celebrates: This is how to live, now. The differences are in the mediums. Code instead of paint. Pixels instead of […]

May 3, 2014

San Francisco, I feel like if with my poet mind I write one good line about San Francisco? And send it around my little group of writers? Then I’ve done my work for the week. Weather: San Francisco like the prow of a ship. Abutting into the ocean. Being kissed by the sea; Neptune’s urchins […]

February 23, 2014

(When not watching the Olympics) -> Stanford (Zipcar is mostly awesome, until you get a car with no gas in it) -> Sightglass (The cafe space I dreamed up; Winter clothes and a belly button) -> Montara Mountain (It’s the smells. Sage and euc. Flowers. Pine grove) -> El Gran (The same Runts machine!) -> […]

February 2, 2014

Started with a dawn bike ride through Stanford campus, the reason being I had to get a Zipcar. Lungs burning, fingers numb, and I just woke up. Orange morning light on all that is early spring (which is so early this year): Tangerines dangling, paperwhites in the verges, pink and white cherry blossoms, magnolias. All […]

August 15, 2013

Up at dawn. Watched that sun come up over the maples on Leland Ave. Last night, a 1995 Alexander Valley cab with the Fam. Went to bed thinking about well aged CA cab and everything that means, and also how that bottle was made the year we graduated and also half a life ago. In […]

July 28, 2013

During my mid-naughties de-stress weekend trips to SF, I would wander the city, pretending to be on a strict budget. Forced to hoof it around. This was serious bullshit, as the hotel was decent and dinner was almost always something rather spendy. What can I say. I’d been reading an unhealthy amount of Henry Miller. […]

July 27, 2013

Tall oblong sails being tugged under the Bay Bridge. Talk spreads through the market: “America’s Cup”, “Oracle”, “The New Zealand boat”. Isn’t it over? No, it hasn’t even begun yet. September. Sitting on one end of a bench, on the other is me + 40 years. Come down to look at that turquoise white-capped bay. […]