June 13, 2014

Pouring down I-5 into downtown Portland, an endless mid-June evening, river glassy, brick city, top down Camaro and I’m flinging from one lane to the next and onto the offramp towards Morrison Bridge, Belmont St, east Portland of chestnuts and maples. Another morning. Walking to Oblqiue to meet my friend for coffee. Rush and bustle […]

May 11, 2014

Today was That Day In May in the Pacific Northwest. The sun wasn’t just out, it was Out. Bright, full sunlight and the trees thick with green leaves. Driving along the river or through a neighborhood past a packed sidewalk cafe, winter seems like another country, one that you’ve left far behind. – Jon Oropeza

March 8, 2013

East Of Washington All this, all this: dripping and dripping gurgling gutters the frogs – the stand of fir silhouetted on the slope that starts past the porch – a moon peeking through silver billows. In New York City there was this sense: the rest of the continent there as a vastness you might be […]