I worked for LifePro Financial Services from 2001-2009. Started as SysAdmin and Lead Developer, grew the job into Director of a six-member team, executive and Member, Board of Directors. Left in 2009 to relocate to the Pacific Northwest for family reasons.
Last Daypresenting my new baby ClientPro at LPU
April 10, 2013

One thing about websites and social media: They make it very easy to over-promise. How hard is it to write “Yeah, we do this, we do that”, bullet point it out, enclose each one in a styled-up ul tag and publish it on the web? A: It isn’t the hard part. Delivering is the hard […]

March 17, 2013

I’m an only child. We tend to be self-reliant. Strong. Disciplined. Natural cowboys, solo roamers of the uncharted range. We also tend to be dismissive when someone dares suggest that we might need help with something. So when Bill suggested “Jon do you think you might need some help down there?” – down there meaning […]

October 17, 2010

My data analyst is telling me about a problem he’s having. Foreign key design and how to integrate a new set of tables into our database schema. He’s talking out the problem and I’m forming a solution in my mind, but instead of blurting it out, I just listen to him, ask simple questions, and […]

January 22, 2010

This was the idea, Bill Z’s idea: Two hours, every week. Friday afternoon. We’d stop what we were doing and gather together in a conference room. Bill would talk. Lunch would be served. One of us would make a presentation about their job and how they did it. Bill would talk some more. Visionary stuff. […]

February 10, 2009

As my departure date draws near, I find myself putting in perspective the years I’ve worked full-time here at LifePro. One thing stands out amongst everything else – accomplishments. Not knocking anyone. But. It’s way too easy in a job to come to work, be busy, do a bunch things that appear to all involved […]