231. Coffee at Coavamy annual capp & catch-up with David Sasaki
December 22, 2013

Saturday morning at Coava. Listening to my macchiato being made: Phuss, phiss and bang. Out the big windows, a December morning. Grey, silver city skyline across the river, Grand Ave flying by, a streetcar jammed with Christmas shoppers. This line of thinking, simple iteration over what’s there – “Macchiato’s on the bar!” – coffee morning. […]

July 13, 2013

…and end up with what you want. In Portland “Espresso”: double shot, pulled extra ristretto (coffee syrup) “Single” will get you odd looks… and a tiny smudge. “Macchiato”: double shot with a decent amount of fresh-steamed milk (1:1ish) “Cappuccino”: double shot with a good amount of milk (3:1) In the Bay Area “Espresso”: Must be […]

July 28, 2011

Some kids just get it. Not me. I was 18 and I didn’t give a fuck about nuthin cept going out at night and having fun. Afternoons I occupied space in various classrooms at my local community college. Mornings I made the minimum + tips serving lattes along with a crew of five at a […]