1998 Big Trip To Europe

September 10, 2013

they’re playing kickball in the gloaming bottles clinking straining to see the ball – no one wants to go in. And you want heaven on earth? Tonight. Stars in heavy syrup. Sliver moon clinging to the tops of the branches. How close to the heavenly dome? With 80 degrees and a gentle north breeze blowing, […]

May 29, 2013

15 years ago today. I walked from one end of Paris to the other. For no better reason than I was embarrassed. Embarrassed to ask directions. Embarrassed to try to get on a bus. Embarrassed to take a cab. Why embarrassed? I didn’t speak a word of French. So instead I walked all day, and […]

October 10, 2008

“I SAVED EVERY CENT and then suddenly I blew it all on a big glorious trip to Europe” – Jack Kerouac Quitting the bakery and going to work for FI not only helped me learn about how to function in an office environment. It also goosed my paychecks. I wasn’t getting rich, but by squirrelling […]

August 5, 1998

Newark Airport: English! Everyone here speaks English. Ahh! Only nine hours til home! “Take me home, country road, take me home, West Virginia” Oh, man I can’t wait to be home… And life spirals on. I just found out that my Giants have acquired a) Shawon Dunston b) Joe Carter c) Ellis Burks. Oh boy… […]

May 28, 1998

Having been anticipating this trip for months, this morning still seemed to come as a surprise. Waking up in my bed for the last time, one last breakfast at home, being driven to the airport and the goodbye and the flight here all seemed to pass in one run-on-sentence of anxious boredom. I was reminded […]