Summer In The Back Yard

Sleeping late on swaddled mornings
analogue in the fog, just green
dream of cypresses and lines
of pines in sagebrush hills
– “Can’t keep a garden here”
mom salting snails and slugs
dirt clod back yard, artichoke’s all thorns
fox tails and cat thistles on the bulkhead
dogs yelping around a mole mound –

playing the game.
baseball bat and the heavy ball
hit it high as seven year old arms can handle
run under that big ball, catch it and it’s an out
it drops and it’s where it drops:
single double triple or homer
hit it too far’s an out –
declaring tables in College Ruled
LA Olympics on the cover
a lineup card, way of keeping score
collecting data on fog swaddled mornings
part Davy, part Coleridge, part Kerouac
tabby Muffin Man looking on
wanted to Tweet the final score
but you couldn’t hear a Tweet
through the fog, summer 1984
in the back yard.

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