29, and a half

Hob nob
Noix jeaune et yaourt
Neighbors chopped down pink flower trees
Rented white chevy for weekend, middle America car
Sunny weekend, suntan, airplane weekend
Duck, frog, shark fin soup – Chinese lunch
Michael leaning in tells me about his women
New music website Pandora, Charlie Parker station
The Subterraneans
Reading in the park full of fall Sunday afternoon football remembrances
Pushups and squats
Mental gymnastics
Jen don’t know what to do today
Tropic of Cancer
Henry and Anais
Letters – my own
7:40 on the clock radio
Madden doing the late broadcast
Fourth or fifth glass of wine
Champagne bottle in the fridge, paper towel cork
Laying on blankets, sheets, pillows, fourth floor air conditioner running
Books, wine dribbling down my chest
Saxophones and trumpets
North beach, paris, jack Kerouac
Adam Moorad = Alan Ginsburg
memories = plus signs
Breakfast gyro at the farmers market
Coffee from Kristen at Carpe Diem
Awake, with an erection
Those rhizomatic moments between dream and waking
Bracing, slight hangover,
Another day
Half birthday
29 ½.

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- M. Oropeza


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