Physical Activity

It’s amazing how hard physical activity can put you on the moon. I got home from work today at 4, having been at since 6:30, not feeling like doing much more than studying the psychology of the flamewar while forum surfing on the couch and certainly not heading out to cold, wet Mission Bay to train martial arts. But I’d skipped class on Saturday and owed sifu for the month anyway so with a Toughen Up Boy! I got off the couch and drove out to the beach. And was sifu in the mood to bust us! Funny thing about excersie high though – it ain’t easy obtainin it. The stock feelgoods – mindless TV, booze, weed, caff, other more illicit uppers and downers, they’re easy. Sex is easy. THey’re all just flip a switch, guzzle this, inhale that, yank ya crank diddle ya fiddle. Not physical labor though – physical labor is hard, painful, unpleasant. But it works, and not only that but it works when everything else fails.

- M. Oropeza


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