Peformer, Manager, Leader, Mentor

Inspired by Grow To Greatness on Coursera. Part 2 starts April 29.

The career growth process, by Edward Hess:

Performer -> Manager -> Leader -> Coach & Mentor

Observations, by Jonny O:


  • Becoming a performer is a choice. Becoming a manager is a promotion. Becoming a leader is an evolution. Becoming a coach & mentor is a gift given by someone who respects you.
  • I’ve met in my life quite a few incredible leaders who unfortunately couldn’t or wouldn’t learn how to manage; most of them struggled.
  • The ones who didn’t struggle were the ones who delegated management to a strong manager.
  • The earliest problems in a growing entrepenuerial business happen when someone who can’t perform is promoted to manager.
  • Some people try to skip up the ladder; I’ve seen ‘social media coaches’ for example who have less than 500 Twitter followers. If you can’t perform yet, you’re a long way from being a coach.
  • “A leader is a dealer in hope”, said Napoleon. Which is more profound than it sounds. What’s more powerful than giving someone hope and helping them find meaning in their life?
  • If you’re looking for a job: Make sure the company you’re considering working for will allow you to go through the above process (and reward you along the way)
  • If you’re looking for good people: Make sure the candidates you hire are interested in going through at least one step of the process; my experience is that most candidates don’t even want to be a performer, they just want ‘a job’. Next!

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