March 14, 2015

I have immensely enjoyed every cigar and cigarette and cigarillo that has ever given me an excuse to stand on a street corner Paris, France or San Francisco Kettner Ave in San Diego anywhere the red light of America – or to squat in my garden in a light rain to inspect my arugula and […]

September 28, 2014

Cid Corman’s The fabric downstairs as I look in from the street I can catch the loom and can sense the heartbeat strengthen the night coming “Cid Corman” sounds like a character out of some noir vision of Brooklyn, New York City, New York. “Cid Corman” sounds like the image you see when you Google […]

September 20, 2014

Smell William Carlos Williams, 1883 – 1963 Oh strong-ridged and deeply hollowed nose of mine! what will you not be smelling? What tactless asses we are, you and I, boney nose, always indiscriminate, always unashamed, and now it is the souring flowers of the bedraggled poplars: a festering pulp on the wet earth beneath them. […]

August 11, 2014

Holding hands on the bed Edith Piaf on the iPad Titan between us purring – Jon Oropeza

July 30, 2014

Walking home from dinner Gusts blasting the maples and chestnuts We might see a burst Of lightning And see a flash Of a tabby scurrying across the street – – – (summer night after another amazing dinner at Accanto, etc etc) – Jon Oropeza

July 18, 2014

Sleeping late on swaddled mornings analogue in the fog, just green dream of cypresses and lines of pines in sagebrush hills – “Can’t keep a garden here” mom salting snails and slugs dirt clod back yard, artichoke’s all thorns fox tails and cat thistles on the bulkhead dogs yelping around a mole mound – playing […]

May 3, 2014

San Francisco, I feel like if with my poet mind I write one good line about San Francisco? And send it around my little group of writers? Then I’ve done my work for the week. Weather: San Francisco like the prow of a ship. Abutting into the ocean. Being kissed by the sea; Neptune’s urchins […]