The Briefest History Of The SF 49ers

Founded in 1946. Kezar Stadium out in the park. Bad to mediocre team. A few hopeful years in the 50s. Lean years in the 60s. Moved out of the city essentially in 1971, to Hunters Point. A few hopeful years in the early 70s. Then more misery. Rock bottom in the late 70s. Eddie D buys the team. Hires Bill Walsh out of Stanford. Walsh drafts Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott amongst others. Rampage through the 80s. 3 Super Bowls. 2 more in the 90s. Joe retires, Steve Young takes over. Steve retires. Another lean decade. Then in 11-12, a breakthrough under another Stanford coach. Suddenly the future looks bright again.

One day I’m working behind the counter at the Woodside Bakery and in comes a guy I’d recognize anywhere: Coach Walsh. I remember he was very polite, he had a regular coffee to stay, and he had the biggest head (literally, physically a huge head) of anyone I’ve ever met.

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