We Fall In Love With Words

OH at the coffee shop:

“I was looking for guest houses for our week in Tuscany. I found a bunch we like. But then I found this villa? And the villa is like 1000 Euros more for the week? So maybe it’s too much. But I kept reading all these great reviews? About the villa. It’s supposed to be this like really beautiful old house. And it’s next to this village that’s supposed to be the oldest village in Tuscany. So I don’t know. But I think we might stay at the villa.”

It’s not just Europe, it’s not just Italy. It’s Tuscany. And once you’ve upgraded yourself to villa, how can you go back to guest house?

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Arches National Park in Utah is a place you go to, you see it, you take pictures, you leave.

arches np

Then you spend the rest of your life processing those images. Not the ones from your camera. The ones left in your head.


They pop up in dreams. After dreams. Those half-awake cerebral indulgences when it’s 6:03 and the alarm is going to kick at 6:07. The brain is playing and it decides to think of the harshest, wildest, primalest places it’s ever been.

delicate arch

It’s the sparseness. The mineral earth. Stark beauty. How life gets into every nook and cranny. Etc. Etc. Etc. (As Henry Miller said, even the etc is Important)

Helping Distribute The Future

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”

I like quotes like this when I keep coming across them every few years and get to reconsider them from a new angle. Kind of like cellaring a case of wine and opening a bottle every few years to see what’s changed in the wine and what’s changed in you.

This time it was an article about football and the evolution of offensive schemes in football that brought up a bottle of Gibson to taste anew.

One thought: “Helping Distribute The Future” might read real well as a tagline…

Another thought: Maybe the best place for that tagline is the font in our heads?

I mean the Marketing-To-Self we do when that alarm hits at 5:05 AM and you need a good story to get you up and kicking. “Time to get up, son. Time to go help distribute the future to those in need.”

For me, this matters. Because Portland, OR is my new city. And my biggest goal this year is to locate who’s doing interesting work here and who needs my help here.