The Dare

“I dare you to” is what Abbie Berry says.

This is a weapon.

What makes Abbie, Abbie, is that she only uses her weapon when she wants you to do something that would be good for you to do.

So Abbie saying “I dare you to do writing workshops with me” turns into our own business. And gets me writing. And gets me teaching. And eventually I’m teaching writing at my favorite bookstore in the world. How about that!

So one of the very best lessons I’ve learned from Abbie is: Dare the people in your life to do the things that will lead to them fulfilling their dreams.

LifePro: The Dilemma

I wasn’t even supposed to be there. I’d just finished my last final at San Diego St. I was going to move to Portland, OR and find a programming job. The only reason I was still in San Diego was because I’d offered to cat sit for my friend while she went on a two week tour of China. A job placement firm I’d talked to called up and said “Hey do you want to go to this interview in Solana Beach?”

i'm not supossd to be here

I wasn’t even supposed to be there

“Maybe…” I said, thinking of how to get out of it.

“Oh come on. As a favor to me.”

“What’s it for?”

“IT services.”

“Tech support.”

“Yes. But you’d be the only one there doing IT. It’s a small company.”

“Oh. Sys Admin.”

“Sure. But not that kind of pay. The guy is a real hoot. Can you make it tomorrow morning? Please?”

I really wanted to spend my last week in San Diego at the beach. But she’d asked so nicely. “Ok, I’ll do it.”

Sys Admin. What I did NOT want to be. I’d studied to be a programmer. I didn’t want to worry about infrastructure, I wanted to build beautiful applications.

This was not the job I wanted.

But. Now that I’d been to the interview, there was something about this place. A financial services startup. The quirky office with the amazing view of the ocean. And this Bill guy. That wise gunslinger attitude. I’ve always found myself drawn to the type.

This was exactly the situation I wanted.

I sought council. I called my girlfriend. I called my mentor. I called my two best friends. They all said different things. But all of them has the same message: Trust yourself, Jonny. If it feels right, try it out. If it doesn’t feel right after a few months, you can always bail.

I called Bill. “Thanks so much for the offer, Mr. Zimmerman. And… I’ll take it.”