my seducers visit me in dreams

(number logic food wine obscurist bric-a-brac etc)

seven Stelvins couldn’t cork Malay’s bamboos
candied limes shouldn’t save ceviche from your five livers
four roads covering lies and apologies dividing land like knives –
eight archipelagoes overrun by Darwin’s gophers –
a land tortoise.
a line of twelve telepathists, their chartreuse shoes
piled up like wine in the muddle of your mind.
you were wise, you foreclosed on her acreage
you should trust no two:
least of all the stars in the seas or the skies in the octopi
lust & lust, last is the question answer and executioner
cauliflower! vinho! rhyme!
your six senses should be sage, rose, Mary and time.

Put Up Or Shut Up

As my departure date draws near, I find myself putting in perspective the years I’ve worked full-time here at LifePro.

One thing stands out amongst everything else – accomplishments.

Not knocking anyone. But. It’s way too easy in a job to come to work, be busy, do a bunch things that appear to all involved to be work, punch the clock and head home at the end of the day.

We don’t do that much here at LifePro.

Maybe that’s why we had a record year last year for both income and revenue?

But I digress. Point being, for really the first time in my life, I had to put up here in this job. Or else. Or else we wouldn’t be here. Or else I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. Or else all these people who have jobs, wouldn’t have jobs.

It all starts with Bill. He built the place. He sets the tone and the pace. But I’m proud to say, it was put up or shut up for this kid. And I put up.