Write On The Cusp – February 7 & 8 in San Diego

I’ll be teaching in the next Creative Cusp writing workshop next month. More info on my new post on the creativecusp.com blog – If you’re in San Diego and you’re a writer of any type, I hope you’ll join us.

Maybe the most dangerous victories…

…are those won when we should have stayed on the sidelines instead; they give us a false bravado for fighting when the odds are stacked against us, assuring future loss.

New year, new engine

I started this blog in the Spring of 2003. It was the eve of a big trip to Europe; One of my best friends was getting married; I had just finished my first novel and was knee-deep in that expansive freedom you find on the other end of such an sequestering project. This was going to be my research database, the tool that organized my thoughts and ideas by letting my link diverse works, artists and concepts together. Turning it into a public blog was almost an afterthought.

There were several blog engines available at the time – I seem to remember Moveable Type being considered the best of the field. Or you could roll your own. Rolling your own was more work, of course, but then you could control everything. Mmm… can you say Indulging the inner control-freak? Besides, I was learning .NET – the blog would not only be a way to organize my notes and thoughts, it would also be a way to explore new coding techniques.

FFD to late 2008. I’ve become a pretty solid .NET developer. But I’ve lost my lust for maintaining the blog. Little problems were popping up all over the place, every update of MySQL or MyODBC or .NET meant a million little tweaks, the static content was getting stale. I’d had enough.

So I’ve gone WordPress. With a new look. A new name too – a pseudonym I’ve been dreaming about, Ed Goldman, a device I need to further separate literary me from the cold businessman who also inhabits this skin.

Happy 2009, all! Only 17 more days to a Bush-less America… I cannot wait.