The Golden Rule (Getting Ahead At Work)

How to do well at any job, short version:

Find out what your boss wants.

Help him/her get it.


Taco Crawl

Tostada Loca

photo by Josh. More pics here

I had both the buche and the cabeza at El Paisa. The buche was probably the best I’ve had in SD. Like Josh said, the slightly chewy pieces were reminiscent of clams. I had the cabeza as well – soft and yummy, but not quite as gelatinous as I like my cabeza.

The shrimp at Mariscos German are awesome. Can’t wait to go back and try one of those Tostada Locas…

The taco de tripa at La Fachada may have been my favorite of the day. The texture and taste of the tripa was everything I love in organ meat – tender, slightly sweet, underpinned but not overpowered by earthiness. Yum! I liked La Fachada’s cabeza a little better than El Paisa’s, too.