I told my friend today, I’m not sure what I’m more upset about : that time’s going so fast, or that I’m still surprised by time going so fast.

i’m canning our accountant
first of the quarter
he no longer knows
where a half-hour goes
just throws them away
with his uncanny ledgering
for the cumulative effect
of a feature film missing
eight minutes for every twenty
you get the idea of the story
but you’re left wondering
what substances you’re missing –
or like flying LA to Bangkok
assorted Alaskas and Japans
beyonds and belows
just notions of oceans.

Progress, Cambodia, early 2008

Progress, Cambodia, early 2008

My first time in Siem Reap
they were digging the sewer line.

Women worked at it
with shovels and picks
poking and prodding
sublimating the dirt
choking their street in dusts.

We laughed at this progress
or what passed as,
making jokes about CalTrans –
“Siem Reap Trans!”

and wondered why they don’t get it
and when they will get it
and worried they won’t get it
and worried they will
as we watched from the car –

windows up & the AC on
our driver honking
plowing scooters and bikes
like a water buffalo
driven through October rice.