Blog Day 2005

Blog Day 2005 – it’d be interesting to see if this causes a shift in the blogoshpere, as newly discovered blogs find their way into the old hegemony.

Speaking of which – I don’t read more than one or two of the most popular blogs. Many of them, like Kottke, Scoble, Tim Bray – are off my list because they’re primary concerned with blogging about blogging, and while this interested me a lot a few years ago, it’s begun to feel like watching a documentary on how documentaries are made, and the future of documentaries, and why documentaries are important. Also many popular blogs are not much more than rehashes of Yahoo’s old What’s New, What’s Cool – Boing Boing, while being great for a quick laugh, is an example. The third category of popular blog, the political blog, had my interest for a few months around the 2004 election, but I’m not idealistic enough to remain interested in political discourse for long.

I like reading the senseless shit on random workaday blogs, because it tells me a lot about the culture. Midwesterners bitching about a 20 cent hike in milk. Or how they can’t fill up their SUVs for under $100. That’s the kind of posts that get me glued to a feed. Usually I subscribe to a feed, bubble it to the top of my attention swath for a while, then lost interest and relegate it to the bottom of my newsgator folder, which contains nearly-literally zillions of unread feeds. So blog day was a good opportunity for me to go digging through this old pile of used blogs, and I’ve got a couple of what I consider gems for you –

– Mark Driver at – Not a traditional blog, but Driver keeps us updated sorta-regularly on his crusty exploits in Seattle. He’s a fellow artist who walks the line between the numbing officeworld, where he often finds himself aggrevatingly employed, and the shut-in, drunken, low budget realm of the starving writer. And he’s written a novel that ain’t half bad.

– Matt Yanchyshyn’s benn loxo du taccu. Sourful african music posted by a cat from Paris, and he’s got my heart by the strings right there… This is one that I really need to read more often.

Santepheap – The Cambodia Weblog. Mike Por, one of my best friends, is from Cambodia, and for the last 12 years traveling to Cambodia has been an unfulfilled goal. I don’t read this blog often, but will pop on here from time to time to get a feel for what’s up in the land of the Khmer.

Nueces – Oh man, i’d totally forgotten about this blog. He’s got a Kerouac quote-o-matic on the homepage! How cool is that, Jack in Spanish. And the footer is a Rimbaud quote. I love this guy. He’s in Mexico City, and not only does he write great, cutty posts, but you can use him as a portal – his blogroll has links to a fleet of other mexican and spanish bloggers who post music, pictures, videos, podcasts, and all sorts of beacons from spanish-language cultural spots.

ebtx – I dig this crazy old coot! He’s way 90s, with simple html, no comments, RSS feeds, trackbacks or any of that naughties, Web 2.0 crap. But the bullheaded, Randian intellect keeps coming, right or ridiculously wrong. And he’s at his nastiest and funniest when the latter. You’ve got to admire people who reach for it all, and here’s a blue collar Texan who decided his life wouldn’t have been complete without constructing his own Universal Theory of Everything. Click Latest to read his posts in a blogwise format, or go to the archives for eb’s Ex-Nihilo theory of the universe as an integer count.

Poetry Scrap


Poetry Scrap

Slamming into seconds like a semi through
fleets of insects, each an own splat
on the windsheild, balling that jack
down the black tar highway,
passing dirtiest mudside pickers,
passed by suits in silver titan rocketships –
the highway, dotted line eater,
i keep falling asleep at the wheel,
letting the autopilot take over –
waking and sleeping and waking and sleeping,
ever dawn, never dawn, except at perfect gret dawn –
Yardbird Suite keeps coming in on the 5AM radio,
played by so many – Zep too, American Music, ‘been a long time’,
appropriated for car commercials, cars which join me
pass me, splatter their own bugs while I
keep trucking, down the highway I keep balling
that jack –

Poetry Scrap

babyfat brownskinned gordas, pitter patting on patio
cement – the artificial waterfall glugs chlorinated water
into an Olympic sized pool. Fat is the mode of the day –
fat on the old men and fat on their wives and fat
on their babies. Fried foods, rice, beans, la vida rica,
la vida gorda. I am a scrawny veg eater, wheat grass shooter,
smoothie protein head, out of place utterly in this
mexico of the naughties; yes mexico, nation of brownskinned filth
connotations, is alive and vital in the 21st century as well –
in the south, bright sun, azteca voodoo-wop catholics who
give a shit about 9/11, Iraq, freedom fries.

Attention Deficit Disorder

Every moment a new me. It is the conclusion of several thousand years of Aristotelian science, the final real real truth from the mouths of the quantum physics priests. Each moment a new me and there are so many. A being more capable is a being with the capacity for a maximum number of discrete moments within X span of time. I experience more moments per minute than any man alive, it is the core of my healthy vitality. These children today with their ADD, they will blow me out of the water.

ADD is a mode not a malady, an evolutionary advantageous trait comprising the capability for living long. Marking a kid with ADD is our way of hiding from the truth – that these kids are superior models. We have the ability to drive for 12 hours, whereas someone born today, in 2005, will never perform any single activity for anywhere close to half of a day. You have no need to live longer if you can live more.


A freind of a friend is a network admin for San Diego county – when we’ve gotten together to talk shop he’s gone on and on about their mastery of Microsoft’s Active Directory MSI application installtion systems, and their lock-jaw firewall that blocks all outbound non-approved outbound traffic, and on and on and on… So in light of this, I’m guessing that I’ll be doing most of the talk the next time we hang out.

I admit to being befuddled over how these big organizations can get hit by something like this. I’m the sysadmin at Lifepro – I’m also the webmaster and the marketing director and the lead programmr. We’re a small company. Guess how much time a week I spend sysadminning? An hour, maybe two tops. I don’t play around with MSIs or any of that junk, but I do make sure that my assistant makes office sweeps every week, and I only have a few open ports on my firewall, all of which are pointed at stable, hopefully secure services (Exchange 2003, IIS 6.0… Yeah, I know, but hey – If they get taken down, we’re all screwed), and I keep out rogue laptops with MAC filtering on my WiFi. Can it really be that much more difficult at a larger company, when the IT departments have multiple sysadmins who have oodles of pimply-faced assistants to do their bidding?

I suppose it is. The innefficiency of too many hands in too big of a pie is probably what kills them. Or maybe it’s too much time hiding in their cubes instead of out interacting with their users, talking to people, finding out who uses what and where and with whose unpatched Win 98 laptop or rogue wifi hotspot. A combination of all the factors that make large companies so inefficient, the massive beaurocratic sytems that require approval for every shit and the lousy methodologies which evolve to skirt these rules. Considering the situation like this makes me appreciate a) Why big companies are willing to pay get-it-done CEOs so much and b) How the heck *any* large company *ever* makes signifigant changes. Inertia, baby, it’s all about inertia.

Meanwhile, I’m happily worm-free in my mobile little shop. Viva los pequeños !


I love wine writing that dives deep into the muck and guck and exactitude of the trace minerals that wine grapes pull out of the terroir – see wine geeks aren’t snobs at all, rather mostly they’re mindful zenheads, Buddhists of the Vine really, caring deeply about climate and soil and each individual fruit – yes those singular grapes on the vine that are crushed to make even the most industrial wine! – really wine geeks are just lovers of life, la vida…