It seems to me that we’re building a religion out of information, a system of prayer out of thinking about the world, about people and all of the associated nuances.


Stone Brewing releases a regular report documenting the aging of its Vertical Epic beers. I’m thinking the wineries should use the same trick with prior vintages to encourage investment in current ones; lots of people would love to buy wines for the long term but don’t because they don’t want to lay out several hundred bucks for a case of wine that *might* improve with age. With a regular report they would know how their wine is doing, and nothing gives people satisfaction like positive feedback on a growth cycle – see also the man sitting back on the couch thinking Yup, says right here my wine is getting tastier and tastier by the day, ahhhh, life is good…


I got home, flipped on the television and let it exude its magic – the ability to numb everyone, but not only that – the ability to play Alpha-Shaman in our own living rooms. Before the all-powerful TV we are but plaititive primitives, hunkering under the tender soothing words and the promise of an eternal prosperity, so long as we tune in to see who the Bachelor will marry this week.


First words out of my mouth this morning –

Forget anthropomorphized God / God is return of the light / God is May / God is limber limbs coming unfolded from the night’s rest / God is healing, regeneration / God is uncertainty about certainty in the crazy quantum submolecular brickwork / God is nothing more, not a man with rules or sons or prophets / Jesus was a carney barker / Muhammad a do-gooder / David Koresh a wacko.

Life Insurance

Some aspects of this industry trip me out. Can you believe that once an insurance company decides that it wants to take on a client, it takes the company days or even weeks to print out a piece of paper denoting this? These companies take what is an intangible product and thus should be immediately-deliverable via electronic communication and turn it into something tangible which must be handled, shipped, and delivered, all by the most archaic means possible. Is that silly or what? Consequently it takes us longer to deliver on a promise than it takes Chilean peaches to get from the tree on the little farm way outside of Santiago to my American belly.