Life Insurance

Nothing gives me hope for longevity quite like the insurance industry. No single force has more money or emphasis or motiviation for us all living forever than the life insurance industry. If they could get death down to a chance thing that they could still make people fear, yet never have to pay death benefits, they’d be the happiest campers ever.


Consider that I can buy a plug-in dustbuster for 30 bucks. 30 bucks is about 15 minutes of my time when I charge by the hour. Ergo, the entirety of that dustbuster, the rubber, the metal, the know-how to throw it all together, are worth 15 minutes of my time? Something is severely out of balance.


The hilarious thing about TV is that it has always been shaped by a skewed subset of critics – those with the patience / interest in filling out a Nielsen Survey.

Space Race

It cracks me up that we’ve already passed the golden age of space travel, having never really gotten off the ground, at least not beyond the moon. It’s hilarious when you think about it, how our society has turned its efforts toward the individual, towards consumer electronics and medicine. To the benefit of each of us…


Voodoo is rich with Bumps in the Night, the superstition of a race that fully realizes what has occurred – the bonds between individuals and natura have been irrevocably severed by our self-awareness, and our experience tells us that whenever bonds are broken there exists the possibility of attack from our estranged Other.


Alexa launched Yellow Pages Avec Photos today – wow, that’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year. Now to surf San Diego and see if I’m in any of them…