Serious springtime today – as the pineapple express filters through Washington, we play in the gentle sun here in SD.


I’ve been dutifully ignoring Technorati as Whateverology – it just didn’t do enough to warrant me geeking out over it. But now they’ve expanded to accomadate tags, those fonderwall little snippets of folksonomy that Flickr and Delicious gave us last year. And this, this is something I can geek to! I don’t think anyone knows exactly where this is going to take us, but I have a feeling that by the end of 2005, the web, geekdom, and all things interesting will be a little more organized, a little more catagorized.

And this is the genesis of AI, is it not? An intelligent system of branding, wholly human defined, collected in the form of an integer count. Yum yum.


I’ve decided that I don’t believe in the Green Flash based on its complete absence from Flickr – nobody has tagged a single photo with Green Flash, and as a folksonomic barometer, I’m buying what Flickr’s selling.

Societal Efficiency

Check 21 – Read this morning in the LA Times about Freight Dogs who fly learjets full of checks (like $1 billion worth in each plane!) – what a crazy, 1960s-esque notion! Playful check-jocks winging scraps of paper across the nation like some sci-fi interplanetary traders… ah, but not for long, but not for long. The PDF circumvents the learjet.


One of the factors contributing to the end of slavery is the axiom (which I just made up) that, the more technical the work, the more highly motivated the person doing the work needs to be. Thus slavery worked when the work was simple – stack big blocks here, make big pyramid – but failed when human endeavor took a turn toward the technical. Plausible?


it’s happening here in Washington too – A democrat wins a close election, the Republicans go apeshit and demand recounts, revotes, re-everything until they win. Much as I love the optimism that I see in the digerati movement, this Neo-Confederate movement has to be the most frightening occurance in recent history… (and will I someday be in trouble for making this post public, or even for typing these radical notions?)


A snow morning in Washington – I woke up early in a giddy, christmas morning mood, leaping out of bed to see if the world had been turned white… and it had!