Joie de Vivre!

All I want out of this life is to have the Joie de Vivre to open the windows and WHOOP! at age 85 and at whatever age I live to, as loudly as I will whoop! Today.


It’s 2005 and to purchase a computer game still means going to a store and picking up a carboard box full of mostly air… this is ridiculous. Hollywood I expect, but why is Big Gaming resisting a iTunes-esque solution?


What is Culture? The noun, I mean – Seems like a slippery term we’re dealing with here. The best I can reason is that it’s a relative analogue – meaningless expect when used to compare two or more people or groups. Like Similarity Scores for baseball…

Societal Efficiency

this is hilarious – American universities probably have the most enormous wealth of idle intelligence in the world. yet have you ever tried dealing with school buerocracy, like trying to move paperwork from one school to another? wouldn’t you think they’d put some of those bored programmers (like I was at SDSU) to work building a transaction interface?


Ambiguosly Immortal seems to nicely describe the modern condition in which the boob tube presents this alterna-reality to us in which mortality (other than via Murder, and that only happens to those who deserve it and never to the whoever the audience is supposed to indentify with) is seldom if ever an issue.


Have you ever wondered why we don’t have levels of Boldness? Ctrl-B should cycle you through seven levels of boldness, from super faint to reg to super duper dark. that way you could better convey emphasis, and have sub levels within your notes.


Why is the sum of the world’s creative efforts being filtered through a handful of fonts? ought font to be a web service, or a propagating system like DNS? Then we’d have hundreds or even thousands of usable webfonts. viva la differencia!