started using A9 over the weekend. I love the concept, but what I really need is the ability to take all of this wonderful history and shove it into my Exchange database. Though is this really what I need, or what I *think* I need because I’m stuck in the old, all my ‘data belongs to me and lives on my server’ model?

Business Acumen

It amazes me that the kid at Subway who makes my sandwiches understands business better than the puffed middle-managerial suits in their corporate office. Apparently the suits at Subway have a problem with their stores putting out tip jars. Whatever their reasoning, they clearly don’t understand the correlation between Carrot and Donkey, money being the best carrot ever invented. Incentivize your employees to give better customer service and they (caveat : most of them) will, without you even telling them to.


From Slashdot to SDTimes this morning – This story about the Monoculture that the dominance of IE produces and the assorted implications contains relevance that extends far outside of computing – I’m thinking of scifi stories aboung the post-human Singularity as well as contemporary pieces about the Choke-a-cola, McDonaldsized monoculture which western culture is pushing upon the decreasingly diverse world.