Jen at a cafe in Amsterdam

It begins in Amsterdam dot nl with a long terminal march preamble, Dutch Rail efficiently transporting our bodies and belongings from truly international to the Hotel American via underground rail station, this pleasant flatland ride through ordered Bauhaus habitation-rich eurosuburbia to the contrived neo-renaissance Centraal Station, via some slightly mad hands in pocket push through a discordant cloud of molecular beings united in point of origin or destination or just here to beg change or sleep or pick tourist pockets, via grouchy orientations and bawling decisions involving this way is up this way is down hey this foreign place is actually just like home look there’s the tram we need to take let’s run for it, via this awkward tram ride or The Locals Favorite Comedy as the tourists attempt to balance baggage on an overpacked startstop sardine can for five stops before mercifully letting us off at the We’re here! Leidesplein, center of the spider’s web, Amsterdam.

Organic Computing

Tried articulating my ideas around non-digital (0-1) based computing to Jesse but ideas are stacks of bricks in the 3AM tranny club Guadalajaran night and mine fell over, no mortar – we drank tequila, cerveza, traded intellectual barbs in the 4AM city square like students of the world which of course we were and hopefully are.